Thanks for the compliments


Thanks for the compliments and the critique. They are both much appreciated. This is my first time filming their band, and I really haven’t had much experience with anything else.

I know I made a "professional" mistake of covering the drummer too much. He’s my uncle and he wanted the video as a keepsake. They want to shoot some footage for promotional material as well, but this was a test. I wanted to make sure I got plenty of footage of him. I did need to move around better to get a better look at the lead and bass player. The singer was a large focus because he was in the best shot position.

Unfortunately the other camcorder was at least 30 feet back. Having directly in front of the stage would have been wonderful, but I didn’t think much about it until after the fact. I also thought it would be better to have a distant shot to cut away too. I now realize that this left us with a lot of standard and basically boring footage compared to some other shots.

After watching the footage I do agree that I did not keep focused on one thing for long enough periods. I realize that this will make for so round editing if I decide to do to many cut aways or shots from the other camcorder.

Thanks again, and if anyone else has any suggestions or critiques please post! Also would a filter of some type be a good idea or not?

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