thanks for the comments gu


thanks for the comments guys, I am stuck with iMovie 4 for the time being as it is what came with my iBook in 2006, and I am in no position to upgrade financially, however the HDR-HC3 does capture in SD at 480i, so I can just use the smaller format for the time being with imovie 4. I still am going to try it in FCP4 and see if I get anywhere on there, But then again I amso limited to a 30GB HD on the iBook…. so… I have a brand new Sony PC, I know its not an apple, would there be any programs (Maybe freeware) that are available on the PC, I am not looking for the editing side of the program but want to just capture the video, and export it as a quicktime movie, or have the ability to burn it on a DVD player for use in a standard player for the TV….. thanks again for all the helpful comments here and I am glad I found the forum website!!!!!


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