Thanks for the comments…


Thanks for the comments…a few I have already considered…others I have not
I am pretty sure the MAGIX software is pointing to the correct drive as it is showing the DRIVE NAME in the drop down field, and it certainly gets the light flashing on the correct drive.
In terms of the CACHE space – will XP use all thats available, or do I need to allocate a specific amount (and if so where do I do that?)
RAM I agree – I will order some more this evening!

In terms of the rendering. I did export it to MPEG and then import it into ULEAD. Would I be better to export it to AVI..? is one better than the other..?
The processor is a Pentium3.
Ventiliation I believe is fine – its in a large room on a desk.
I am pretty sure the drive supports the disks as I have written to the same DVDs before from the ULEAD product with no problems.
Interestingly, what I did try was to chop the MPEG file down to the first 3 minutes and delete the remaining 34 mins. This burnt fine with ULEAD. So I am thinking it is something to do with the size of the file, or perhaps some corrupt data towards the end of the file (is that possible..?)

I also thought about using NERO – which NERO product do I need..?

anyway..I will go and try an AVI export…and order some memory..!

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