Thanks for the assistance


Thanks for the assistance Moglepro! I took your advise and tried a couple things and found that when i go to make movie and it locks up I can get it to unlock by ejecting my DVD drive so I’m wondering if it maybe its my drive? I am using a Philips DVD +-RW DVD8631 BD10 drive that came with my computer. I think my computer itself is OK it is a Dell with a P4 3.4GHz, 2Gigs of RAM, Nvdia GeForce 6800 GPU vid card with 256Mb of memory and a SB Audigy 2ZS sound card. I was able to get it to make move – it said disc creation successfull or something like that, then when I tried to play the DVD on the computer it would not recognize it, when I put it in my stand alone DVD player/recorder it would read it and play it but there was no audio, which is probably why the computer would not recognize it. Any advise for that?
Pinnacle Frustration in MN 😯

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