Thanks for the all the res


Thanks for the all the responses but I should have been more clear.

I DO keep ALL the .mts files. I use and re-use a lot of them. I also have a good backup system to external hard drives, saved off site. I’m really happy with that and see no need to change.

But my question is more about what files to actually put on the HD in the first place. My Sony Handycam’s Memory Stick Pro Duo has a folder called AVCHD on it, and inside that folder there’s a folder called BVDM, and inside that folder there are three folders:




STREAM contains the .mts files. I copy those to my HD currently.

However, there are files in the other folders, too. They aren’t needed to play/use the .mts files. But I think I would need them if I wanted to re-create the folders on the card to play back video in the camera. I’ve never kept them and don’t plan on starting to, unless I should for some reason you can think of.

My question is really whether anyone else even copies those other files and folders off the cards in the first place, or do you just take what you want and reformat the rest like I do? Is there any reason to keep .CPI files or .MPL files out of those folders, for example? Do any of you keep those files?

Just curious, and thanks again for the responses. I love hearing this stuff and it’s great to see what others do.

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