Thanks for the advice. The


Thanks for the advice. The footage was captured to tape. I’m waiting on a callback from JVC to discuss it with them. In the meantime I’ll check on the firmware update. If its anything worth relaying, I’ll post it!

Man that’s weird. Question: are you capturing footage to tape or a external harddrive? If it’s to a harddrive, part of your problem may lie in your recording settings. If you are recording to tape you may need to update the firmware on your camera. Can’t help you with potential FCE issues (that would mean I would have to touch a mac… ewww. Just kidding.) We use premiere and vegas to edit our HD footage and haven’t run into this issue. However, we use a BR-HD50 deck to capture from tape and not the camera. Recently we updated the firmware on the deck and it cleared up some glitches both software were having in communicating with the deck. Check on JVC’s pro video portion of the site to find the firmware updates for the 200U(B) and check if the problem you are having is a common issue. If not, contact them directly. It may turn out to be something you have to send the rig back for. Good luck.

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