Thanks for the advice guys


Thanks for the advice guys. As most things go, nothing really worked like we planned. Their audio recorder did not work but fortunatly my friends Panasonic DV camcorder picked up decent enough audio to use. He has a Rode Vidmic but at the time of this performance I had it on my HC1. I didn’t realize I was going to be on stage or else I wouldn’t have put it on my camcorder. Anyway here’s just some footage from my camcorder if anyone is interested. I have yet to edit in the other footage from his DV camcorder.

Of course the source quality is better than the file I uploaded, but I believe it’s still decent enough. I also noticed I moved from one thing to another maybe too much. Although I was planning on having plenty of cut aways (of which now I blelieve my options are more limited than I previously thought they would be). Anyway here’s a sample. Let me know what I can do to improve, and should I use any filters next time? (One of the lights affects the focus for a bit).

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