Thanks for the advice, all


Thanks for the advice, all.

In regards to my hard drive, I’m not totally sure, but I think the head servo might have gone out. The bios on the drive is fine. It shows up on the boot, and in XP, and even in my Linux box I toy with, but the drive can’t be read, even though it mounts up. I can tell that the disc servo is still spinning too. That pretty much leaves either a lost the header data as Hank suggested, or the head itself has fried. I’m going to go to the computer shop down the road today and see if they can figure it out.

Something else occoured to me last night. If the drive really is dead, I’m shafted in more ways than just 1. I gave out my last copy of my demo video last week, and take a wild guess at where I kept my demo video footage and all the editing files for it? So, I’ll have to re-do my demo video as well.

videolab, believe me when I say that the macs are a BIG temptation. I was raised on macs (I still have my Mac Classic II someplace in storage!), and when I started learning both video editing and photo manipulation, it was on macs.

The problem is that I’m a cheap son of a gun, and when I started doing my own stuff, Macs were still twice the price of a PC, and they had proprietary internal cards and whatnot, so I went to the dark side. So now, I have the PC versions of Vegas 6 and PP2, not to mention photoshop, and I really don’t want to flush that cash down the drain to buy the Mac versions. Loading a Windows OS on a Mac box is also cool, but the problem is that Macs usually have lower specs than PC’s, because they don’t need as much horsepower as a PC to do the same amount of work. The problem I see is that this will slow me down in editing, since I would be doing it all on the PC side.

Basically, I have a bit more than $1000 in my budget if I get a new PC. I was looking at an HP I saw at a store. Would anyone like to tell me if there are any reasons I shouldn’t get the machine below?

LINK – Click Here

From the looks of it, it would do what I need it to. I’ll need to add a second hard Drive, but aside from that, it looks good to me. What do you all think?

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