Thanks for that Mark. My


Thanks for that Mark.

My situation is a bit different. First off, I live in Canada and football isnt taken that seriously here as much as it is in the States. So things like booster clubs are unheard of here. Also, I am dealing with the senior team, so dealing with the players themselves is better for me for 2 reasons: I just graduated from the school last year and so many of the team members I know well, and many of the parents don’t really care (like I said, not that serious up here).

The core group of players that are interested are the “star” players. These guys are immensely talented and are looking to take their skills to Canadian Universities, or even the NCAA. So it benefits them more. Getting highlight films done is usually taken care of by the students, not the parents. Also, many of them just throw the clips together in Movie Maker. Another friend of mine actually was in the business of compiling highlight films for a little while last year. He made a decent amount of money, but he had other things going on and could not devote as much time for it. Not to brag, but also, the equipment he was using pales in comparison to mine. I gave the team and coaching staff a look at what I can put out, and thats a professional quality product that could have costed them alot of money. I hoped that they would be interested in my lower cost alternative, but alas, they are more penny-pinching than I thought they were haha.

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