Thanks for taking the time to


Thanks for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully Jack. You make a lot of great points, a testament to the value of forums like this.

I finished the project just before Christmas (or at least I called it finished) once it was close enough to done and the video made some sense. Perhaps predictably some last minute ideas came in for more changes and alterations, but even timid little me backed off doing anything else. I was done with it. I’m glad I did it in some sense; I learned a lot about editing and about my own shortcomings; I’m proud of some parts of it, but the reality is that the video came out bit of a hodgepodge mess with some parts left slightly unfinished. Maybe appropriate for my level of experience and to their level of commitment. Too much to do in too little time, too many cooks in the kitchen, not enough planning up front. The only reason I let it end was because it had already gone on long enough. It seemed better to cut my losses and just take the rest as hard lessons learned.

Your suggestions for agreements ahead of time make tons of sense. I only wish we had sat down and mapped it out better. I can recall that even some band members thought it was a hopeless project in the beginning, but after seeing a rough cut, suddenly felt insistent on playing a major part in the video’s creation. Oh well…

It seems like the money part is important because even if it’s a small amount, the egos take a bit of a back seat and everyone is willing to actually sit down and think about expectations at the very beginning.

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