Thanks for sharing. I thin


Thanks for sharing. I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt. However, there are 3 main areas to think about with regards to improving the overall impact.

1) Video Length

10:22 is very long for a love story and I think it could be condensed. But the final use will dictate this. Is the video just for the couple or do they want to share this with others? If it’s just for them then fine – but others will struggle to keep their full attention. I would aim for 5 mins max. nice and snappy

2) Background Music

Have you considered adding some instrumental music to the background? Music adds so much emotion and helps keep the viewers attention. Think it is really missing this and will benefit hugely for some carefully chosen music.

3) Video Colours

The colours are very cold (blue) and this definitely needs some attention. just needs to be warmed up.

Hope this helps


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