Thanks for giving me (the


Thanks for giving me (the forum) some background. What do you use to edit your videos for youtube right now? Pinnacle, imovie, adobe premeire, sony vegas? btw, those are examples of NLE. (non-linear editors)

ONE OF THE BEST SITES FOR NOVICE VIDEOGRAPHERS STARTING FROM SCRATCH IS http://WWW.VIDEOGUYS.COM. The also have eductional student pricing. Don’t call them or post to their forums (you will get ignored) until you have thoroughly read these articles.

Go to “guides” tab on the right hand side.

How to Articles
Everything you Need to Know to get Started in Video Editing
Digital Filmmaking Guide from the Videoguys
Videoguys’ System Recommendations for Video Editing
What is the Difference Between Consumer Video Editing Software and ‘Real’ NLEs
(Non Linear Editing)?

Videoguy’s FAQ
Videoguys Guide to Understanding HD Formats
Videoguys NLE Video Storage FAQ
Videoguys’ Desk Top Video Glossary

* Although they say feel free to call, they are very busy when you call
and they are not going to do alot of hand holding if if don’t know what
you want or basic concepts, so READ these articles before you make
another post!

I know its a lot of reading, but if you aren’t willing to commit to 2-4 hours worth of reading, then you WILL be very frustrated later on.

I would then suggest that you just need to go to bestbuy and let them tell you anything and they can pick the camera for you.

Now to TRY to answer you questions:

The point of having tape “…when I use a wire to connect it to the computer?”

Forgive me if I am over simplifying this.

All camcorders have a MEDIA that they record to. minidv tape, SD cards, internal hard drive =STORAGE

Having one hour of storage is one thing, but taking that hour of video and making it a “watchable” video after you take out all of the unimportant parts (and mistakes), putting titles (words, name of the movie, credits, etc.), transitions ( how you go from one scene/frame to another), adding music/photos to it – all of that is what the NLE does.

2. You need a firewire cable to connect your camcorder to your computer/NLE program. So when that tape/ sd card/ hard drive fills up (and it WILL), you can just get another tape or save it to the computer’s hard drive (in the NLE program) and then edit it, make a dvd, or save it to another (external) drive, so you can work on your next project.

BeeDee is right on the money when he talks about having a fast computer for AVCHD. Also there really isn’t a point to having a HD camcorder unless those who are watching it have an HDTV. Are you planning on making blue ray dvds?

AGAIN, even though you do youtube movies, right now you need something SIMPLE, easy to work with.

Also, do you know anyone who has dropped an ipod (with the hard drive)? Very delicate. One good bump with those hard drive camcorders while its recording and you are screwed. Not sure about SD card camocorders.

I wish you could get a mac book($800) with ilife (imovie), because that would give you everything you need in one package at a reasonable cost and would solve that steep learning curve for now with your NLE work.

I maybe wrong, but I think you are trying to somehow continue doing youtube for personal use and as a prep to film school. And its going to be an exercise in frustration, because the suggestions from the people in this forum may think you have more knowledge/experience than you do.

Also, video for youtube/web is different techincally than for other things. That why I asked what will you be doing with that camera MOST of the time.

It reminds me of students that get accepted into medical or law school and want to prepare during the summer and we tell them to just enjoy their summer, because they are going to teach you from the ground up, and mostly likely you WILL have to UNLEARN some things!

AGAIN, talk to the schools that you are interested in. Most of them have student representatives that will be happy talk to you as well.

AGAIN, the kind of computer you have makes a BIG difference especially with HD & AVCHD.

This is what I would do.

If money was burning a hole in my pocket, I would get the HV40 (tape based) use it in SD mode, or a $300-400 good SD (non-HD) camcorder with an external mic input. Check out this and call them. They are in Atlanta, and if you are lucky they may give you a few minutes to help you decide

(A) SD camcorders with best band for the buck picture quality & have an external mic,

(B)if you really nead HD and

(C)what media (tape /sd/ hard drive) would be best for youtube and your computer(?).

1. A shure hand held mic ($50) and connect it to the camcorder with a 1/8 inch cable so just hold the damn mic for yourself and the interviewee like they do on those live tv news reports. Especially if it is just you doing everything.

2. Do the interviews in well lit places, so you don’t have to lug around lights as well. OR use some of that camcorder money for 2-3 led lights on the camcorder ($100-200). If not, go to home depot and get 2 work lights/stands, but now now you need a high output electric outlet and some heavy duty extension cords.

3. A $100 camcorder (not camera) tripod.

4. A spare battery, if my interviews are over 30 mimutes otherwise just make sure you charge it before hand. ( $60-120)

5. At least a 10X OPTICAL zoom. Forget about digital zoom.

6. TEST at least 3 camcorders at the store just the way you will be using it. I.E. Get the mic, plug it in, bring your own your own SD card, shoot it, take it home, see if it works on youtube.

7. A good consumer NLE imovie(mac), or sony vegas (pc).

Bottom Line

I would spend my money a mac mini or macbook (imovie 09) , and a GOOD Sandard Def. (not HD) camcorder until I got into film school. A wired Shure mic, (2) home depot work lights (or basic studio lights) , plenty of duct tape, 1-2 months of that will take you step by step with editing.

This way you can spend your time being creative with your content instead of struggle with alot of equipment issues.

Remember “Content is King & the Right Attitude is Everything”


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