Thanks for comments and


Thanks for comments and examples. I read a lot and watched a lot of reviews. I think the best camera for the movie is Sony NEX FS700 with its quality, functions and the price. I want to try it in a different conditions and with different lenses, not only from Sony ( Canon, Nikon), filters and microphons. That`s true "The good stuff…" is very important. First of all, I have a very very good computer (not any fruit πŸ™‚ ), because I work with 3d design and animation. The video editing software I use is Sony Vegas Pro11. I do not think Adobe Premiere Pro is better and I do not need After Effects (If I need a tree in the scene which doesn`t exist, I can put a photorealistic tree from my 3ds max. Chroma Key with green or blue screen works properly in Vegas). I use tripods: Vanguard SBH-30, REDGED RTC-436 with Manfrotto 701 HDV. I think the second one is good, but maybe I need better head. I have good hands to keep the camera stabile, but it could be nice to have a good stabilize system (steadicam). Which one is good enough for the FS700? I am not an expert of microphones and sound. I used Surround Mic from my HDR CX-700 and operated it in Vegas. I use also studio condenser mic sE2200a with PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL. I do not know if I can use it in the movie. Maybe it could be great to find surround solution helpful in Africa. As You write rs170a: "…camera is only one part of the whole picture."                      Krzysztof (Christopher)

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