Thanks for all the tips, g


Thanks for all the tips, guys. I ended up buying the FS200 the other day and I’m happy with it in many ways but there are a couple things that are really bugging me.

First of all, the .mod files are a pain in the ass to work with. I thought about upgrading to iMovie 09 so that I can just import them in without having to convert them but I’ve read some very horrible reviews about iMovie 09. It seems like a very basic meat and potatoes program and while that’s fine, I need timelines and audio adjustments and things like that. Anyone have any ideas about the better (and/or cheaper) alternative? I use a mac by the way.

Secondly, I’m having some audio issues. I’ve tried doing some research online but I can’t find anything about my particular problem. Basically, when I listen to my vids on the camera they seem to be fine but when I go through the process of converting the files to mpegs and then listening to them on my computer there seems to be some random audio dropout. It’s not for minutes at a time or anything but it’s more like for a split second the sound will cut out. It’s always in the same place so I don’t think it’s a just a random playback issue. Is there something that I’m doing wrong? I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this problem. If I’m going to be recording concerts and things I can’t have the audio dropping out at all. I’m beginning to get very frustrated!

I’d appreciate any thoughts…


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