Thanks for all the info, g


Thanks for all the info, guys.

Rob, you misunderstood my point / question re Vegas: The problem is with 24pF. That is, 24 wrapped at 60i with pulldown.

I’m trying to determine if Canon’s new “native” 24p negates this problem. Panasonic’s does, and even gives significantly more recording time, but I am getting confusing info from Canon tech. I think their marketing dept is pulling a fast one. 2 separate techs said that even the 24p native is wrapped at 60i, which makes no sense. They also say that Vegas will see the data as true 24p and not require de-interlacing. – which makes no sense if it’s @ 60i. (unless I’m missing something.

Intersting facts:

Canon’s 24pf (wrapped) and 24p (supposedly native) both give the same maximum recording time. That makes no sense unless the native 24p is recording vastly more data per frame, but it isn’t.

The only other significant technical change between the two Canon’s is that the HFS200 offers a “1/2” minimum shutter speed option, whereas the HFS100’s minimum is 1/6. Maybe that has to do with true 24p, and the Canon techs were wrong?

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