Thanks for all the g


 Thanks for all the great info everyone.  I am attending the rehearsal as well as meeting the groom at the church tomorrow to get some pic of the sanctuary to get a better idea of where to place the cams.  Guess I failed to mention that I’m also in the wedding :/  I have an employee who will be running the chior loft cam but the rest will be static.  Its at a presbyterian church.  Not sure what the rules will be on cam placement but I should find out tomorrow.  It’s going to be a very interesting day.  I’m no photographer but I always have someone shooting a D5100 with a 70-200mm lens in order to get my own stills.  Groom checked with the actual photographer and said it won’t be a problem.  I figure I’ll flash sync all the camers and then set them before the ceremony.  I am planning on using a wireless mic on the groom and the H2n i just got to capture music and background audio.  I’ll be sure to share the final verson once completed since I gave them a marketing discount. 

Thanks again for all the great tips and info.   

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