Thanks for all the feedbac


Thanks for all the feedback thus far-I have already learned very much!

So Composite: I took your advice and saved to an uncompressed AVI file, and then from there I went to a DVD burn. Unfortunately it is still the same problem.

I spoke to a friend of mine who does video editing for a living. He thinks the problem is that, somewhere between the setting up of the movie in Elements and the final burning of the DVD, that the file is getting interlaced. I say “getting” because I shoot all my video in PF24. My friend says that this PF24 is not a true Progressive Scan, and so the interlacing might be getting introduced there-so naturally he suggests that I simply deinterlace in Premiere. The problem is I have used deinterlace, to absolutely no avail. He suggests perhaps there’s something wrong with my deinterlacing function.

When looking at the DVD on my flatscreen TV, it sure looks like interlacing to me.

Any suggestions from anybody?

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