Thanks for all the feedbac


Thanks for all the feedback.This is a wedding highlight,that I put on the end of the dvd.

The brides that I have done this for really liked it,I guess that what really matters.

It just that I’m trying something a bit different.

Firstly a note to Zoobie

IMO you cant do all a wedding on a tripod. I couldnt work like that.You need to move around to get all the shots during a catholic wedding. During the lighting of the candles if the bride & groom is facing the altar ,you cant just take your tripod with you.I would say 80% of the church would be on a tripod, the rest on the shoulder.


Thanks for the feedback. Apprerciated.


Thanks for that,I must look into how to just allow one color, I use premier pro 1.5 so if anyone has tips please let me know.


Thanks for having a look,I appreciate what you said.

“there is no set formula or template for wedding videos..find your
style and improve on it ..if we made all wedding videos the same way as
some experts suggest we follow , that will be pretty dull and boring..”

Very true. And very well said. As said the brides seem to like it.Did anyone notice in the clip that when the priest blew on the candles they lit.Anyone!!!!!??? If you didnt ,look again.


Thanks for looking, Im looking into putting a mic on the groom.

“Is this a “Highlight Reel” type thing that is included in your wedding video package?”

Yes it is .

Just a note to say thanks to everyone ,and look forward to more posts.Pat

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