Thanks for all the feedbac


Thanks for all the feedback. This is helping me get a better understanding of things.

The juicedlink looks good, though I would go with the more expensive of the two 2-channel models because the less expensive one doesn’t have phantom power, which limits you to dynamic mic’s. My issue with it is that you’re still plugging into 3.5mm stereo jack ultimately. Maybe I’m being picky considering I’m going with a $800 camera, but, as I said, I’m a recording/mixing engineer, so I’ll end up being picky about that. On the other hand,it’s not at all expensive, so maybe I’ll get one to give it a try.

Anyway, I have a decent portable recorder, but the a/d conversion isn’t on par with my in-studio equipment, so I’m thinking that if I’m recording “live in studio” or little skits or whatever, I’ll just go with my home equipment and do a stereo-miking set up, maybe give myself a cue to line up with by clapping and counting a few times, and then just line it up post. Does that seem crazy? One thing going for me is that I’ve spent hours upon hours for years editing audio, lining up transients or an off-beat drum with an offbeat guitar etc… so I have a feeling I’ll have the patience toline up audio with video. Or am I underestimating the challenge there?

Then for liveshows at venuesI can give the juicedlink a try, or rent a DAT recorder, or get another kind of portable device.

Considering that I might be not using the a/d conversion on the camera, in other words, just considering picture and features, is the Canon HV20 or 30 a good pick?

Thanks again for all the helpful responses! I truly appreciate it.


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