Thanks for all the comment


Thanks for all the comments guys. Yes, I know the learning experience at college is deffinently worth it. The two colleges I was considering were the Pensecola Christian college, which is $5000 a year, and the Bob Jones University, another Christian college. Pensecola offers a broadcast productions course or something and BJU offers a full film course. Other than that, I will not be thinking about attending any non-Christian colleges or anything. But I have been looking at those two and considering applying. I’ll be looking alot more into that stuff over the next year. And I certainly agree that wisdom comes with age. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m some stupid teenage know-it-all like Videoman has suggested. I’ve been studying film for the past 5 years already. Still there’s a ton more to learn though. I personally know plenty of people around my age that are better than me at this craft. Anyways, thanks for the comments.

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