Thanks for all of the inpu


Thanks for all of the input. I went to best buy last night and looked at both the HF10 and the HV30 by Canon and to be honest with you I think flash memory is the way to go. I hear that MiniDV is going to a just slight bit sharper probably only noticeable with a magnifying glass for all i know… I guess I just dont feel secure enough to go with tapes, plus the cost of tape is kinda high when you start thinking 5 – 10 tapes per short… And to be honest with you I may end with something better sooner like the Panasonic AG-HMC you mentioned looks awesome so I feel sticking with flash is the best choice, the HF10 seems to be the same as the HV30 but no tape.The biggest selling point to me is this (Now I would suggest NOT trying this purposely but) I have this old 512mb SD card right and this thing has been washed, stepped on, dropped, run over by the car, and in a camera when it spontaneously combusted… I play hard lol that day I think it was more the gasoline that spilled on the camera case from my dirtbike than spontaneously combusting… But my point is they are nearly indestructible, since then we have numerous SD cards but the point being they last!

Either way thanks allot for your input. And in the words of my little brother (hopefully you come up with some label system cause it would suck to have 10 to 20 8 gig SD cards and you loose good footage in a huge pile of cards cause nothing was labeled LOL) πŸ™‚

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