Thanks for advice guys! Ye


Thanks for advice guys!

Yeah,I have built up my own PC using a dual Otperon 275(2.2ghz). 2GB of ram and be using a 128mb Quadro xf550 video card. The workstation is a HP xw9300.I will be equiped with a single 80gb SATA operating system drive with an additional 2 500gb striped raid array. I will be using a Windows XP setup aswell.

I have chosen to use Adobe software as my editing software, what do you guys think of Adobe?

I am also looking at getting two 22″ Samsung 223BW screens, althoughI would like to have better, budget does not allow yet. I think the Samsungs will suffice for my task. I am not doing anything too demanding just yet.

For sound, Iam thinking of getting a nice little Yamaha system, I dont really know what system to get and what to look out for. Should I get a subwoofer with two little drivers or should I have just two drivers that have good base response? I have heard that a cheap amp will color the sound with its EQ presets and so on. A direct connection to the sound card would probably be best,I am assuming? I know the headphones I will be getting, they are nothing special, just something that will get me through.

Keyboard/Mouse,I have seen editors use graphics tablets and the mice with the roller balls and the two buttons. I am not sure I need a tablet just yet, or at all for that fact, butI am wondering about the roller ball mouse that seen to be common? I have a keyboard that will do for the minute, i have seen sticker pads that you can stick on to the keys for shortcuts and what not. Is there a keyboard that is commonly used and recommended at all?

One last question, bit outta the blue. For a indoor documentry type video, willa Lavaliere or boom mic be best, I just recording voice, nothing else.



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