Thanks everyone. Thanks T


Thanks everyone. Thanks Tom. Unfortunately “Mr. D” didnt do so well on the rounds to the festivals. We were rejected at ever turn. Sigh. Mostly because of the length and pacing. We kept hearing, “good story, but too slow. Edit quicker”.

Ah well. PS: Tom, we did have a tiny crew of 3 (I was Producer/writer/director/DP), and zero budget.

It seems to me that the festivals that you were rejected from are very short sighted and snooty because a film should stand on its own. I have seen profesionaly done films that I thought were too slow but when all is said and done unless you are doing a film for a client the only person you need to please is yourself. Art is very subjective. I read the critics on most of the films being released today and I find that if they don’t like it I will.

One suggestion I would give is to look at tightenin up the dialog the film would pick if that were done.

Keep on filming and learning.

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