Thanks everyone for all of


Thanks everyone for all of the good advice. I really appreciate all the suggestions.

First let me say this. The church and its members didn’t give me ANY money towards my equipment. I am buying everything myself. I am starting my own video production business. I will be taping my churches services for them because I am able to do it and I know my pastor wants it done. I think he’s an excellent teacher of the word and I feel others would benefit from hearing him. I feel like I’ve been given a gift by God so I want to
I plan to do many other things in addition to taping my churches services.
As far as the Avid software. I went to school and was trained on Avid. I figure once you’ve learned the cadillac of editing …why go backwards?? I LOVE Avid and I know I’m probably biased. ha ha ha

However I would like to know about hooking up the audio through the sound board. I think we have a mackey sound board at church. Can I get the wire/cable from Radio Shack or Best Buy???

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