Thanks Ed. That is what I was


Thanks Ed. That is what I was thinking as well.





It’s funny that you mentioned The owner is actually the one who pointed me to this site. I hit him up to see if he would share some tips and thoughts about what he does. He is an extremely nice person!!! He shared a lot of information about what and how he does things. I did ask him about a camera choice, but never got a direct answer on it. I didn't want to push the issue with him since he had shared so much more information with me.


I agree with you on having an HD camera as well, if for nothing else just the selling point to my future clients. I have searched for some cameras in this price range and had narrowed my search down to what I thought would be possible good choices. The Canon Vixia M40 and the Sony Handyman HDR-CX130 are the two that I thought would be good for what I needed. These are based off the descriptions and reviews that I had read. My knowledge on video cameras is very limited at best. I am slowly leaning more about them. So I'm glad to see you recommended the Canon. It makes me feel like I'm on the right track on my search. I still have a whole lot of learning to do though. Hahaha.


Thanks for the information. It is a huge help and very much appreciated. Any other advice or camera choices are very much appreciated as well.

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