Thanks Ed.  Did consider that


Thanks Ed.  Did consider that but finally was able to capture all the video and finish my project. 


And thanks everyone for the suggestions!


In the end…


–  Used the Pinnacle device to take firewire out of camera and USB into computer

–  Hooked up an external hard drive to add memory (and did clean some junk off my computer as well)

–  Ended up capturing the 60 plus minutes in two batches as after the 30 minute mark it started to drop and stutter…but in two batches…no problem


As I am still a novice at all this, I am going to guess now that EXPERIENCED people might capture their video in segments to start with so they could view it and organize it and tag the files while capturing…thus saving lots of time.  Rather than download all of it then go through it and break it up afterwards…the part that I always find so time consuming.  (Probably a bunch of you out there going, Duh!)  


This is how we learn I guess! 



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