Thanks EarlC: That’s about


Thanks EarlC: That’s about as comprehensive a review as one could ask for and I appreciate your taking the time to point out all of the shortcomings in my productions so far. I’m curious about the larger screen size you say is needed. Are you getting the same 5 x 8 inch screen I am when clicking on a video? It’s coded in wmv and comes up fine ona Windows Media Player.

As for the improvements in the videography, compression rates and billboard size which you suggest, I will keep them in mind as I continue with the project. My over-riding interest at the moment though is to simply show the website to other videographersin order to invite and encourage them to join me in getting into the business of real estatevideography. Towards this end, I have created in which there is a bulletin board for other videographers in the U.S. topost a link totheir local real estate video services.

As mentioned in my opening post, all you really need is your own bulletin board to list and linkvideos to whatever website one chooses to upload them to. A friend of mine put the home page ofmy website up for me and simply included links to my various bulletin boards.Igot the ideaalmost twoyears ago but haven’t had time to pursue or develop it until now.

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