thanks earl for the quick


thanks earl for the quick response. I wanted to know specifically if a HDV camcorder is compatible with iMovie 4 on a mac??? If not are there any free programs that will capture the video form the camcorder and then allow you to convert it to a quicktime movie or other formats for a DVD??? As I said I am new to the whole world of video, so I will probably have more questions as I use the camera more….. another thing is what are the best settings for the camcorder for recording and capturing/??? I am using 1080i, and am trying to capture this, but can only capture 480 on my iMovie program… I have final cut pro 4 and have no idea how to use it….. I can usually figure things out myself but I cant even capture to FCP…. is their a specific thing you have to do in this program in order to capture from a camcorder using HiDef???? thanks for any comments

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