Thanks Don and Bruce. :) A


Thanks Don and Bruce. πŸ™‚

All good advice.

Actually I think it was here on this site that I read of someone wanting to know how to film a campfire at night. Mentioned was utilising the cars headlights for additional lighting. I thought, duh….why didn’t I think of that! We will have to experiment anyway (We have a camping trip coming up shortly) but yes additional lights will be a must. Most of the filming will be done during the day but the ambience of the desert “nights” would be great as well.

We are thinking, because of the duration of the journey, that we may end up having to break it up into four parts – focusing on four separate locations of significance, as WELL as doing one video encapsulating the whole trip aiming it at the novice at remote travel.

The reason for this is that with fuel prices soaring over here a lot of people simply cannot afford to do these HUGE trips and may just want to travel to ONE significant place of interest.

We’ll be filming it all anyway so as long as we’ve got the relevant footage then when we get back I guess we can better decide on how to edit it.


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