Thanks ‘Composite’ for the


Thanks ‘Composite’ for the info. When you get down to it, the camcorder requires a given voltage witha sufficient reserve of current-delivery capacity to cater for its conditions of maximum battery-drain. To have feed-back as to battery-state is nice-to-have, but with a power supply of more than adequate capacity, hardly necessary, as long as the reservoir is kept topped-up. Very much like driving on the ‘top-half-of-the-tank’ in an automobile. For strictly ‘studio’ use, and when performing high-demand activities during downloading, I am certain the camcorder doesn’t much care what its DC supply is, as long as it has sufficient ‘regulation’ for the job, and is not prone to ‘voltage-sag’ at times of high current-drain. The cells I have in mind, arevery high-spec. and fully capable of providing the necessary current under all circumstances. Low voltage warning could be incorporated into a simple power-supply which (perhaps) flashes a red LED when low voltage is imminent. That supply could be fed to the camcorder through the charging socket. The only downside, is the inconvenience and the extra weight when carrying my gear over my shoulder as I have to do occasionally, when carrying it over long distances to locations which are frequently reached by GPS, eg ‘the New Zealand Bush’. New Zealand is a long way from our traditional supplier of spares, Britain, and for that reason, we have had to learn to improvise over the years.

By the way, running gear from an auxiliary supply, goes ‘way back to my ‘Super-8’ and 16mm days, in the 1960’s and 70’s.Apart from the extra bulk, and the inevitability of ‘cables’ in some applications, it generally works well.

However ‘Composite’ my thanks for the input, and I will try and contact your sparesand accessories source as recommended.

IanSmith – Dunedin, New Zealand

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