Thanks Barefoot. Yes, a LO


Thanks Barefoot.

Yes, a LOT of thought will have to be put into this.I am still trying to decide how best to do it and to be honest it’s seeming like more and more of a mammoth task the more I think about it! πŸ™ Like I said, my main concern is the duration of the trip. Six weeks is a LONG time to encapsulate into one documentary.

The documentaries we have seen seem to focus on individual tracks. (40 minute documentary on each track)This makes sense to break it up likethat as not everyone will be doing the exact same route as us but may be interested in particular tracks.I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well here πŸ™‚ (Some of these remote tracks can take up to 16 days to travel across and are pretty “famous” in their own right among 4 wheel drivers here.)

That’s what I meant by saying we will be filming everything anyway ( the whole entire route WE take is what I meant)I didn’t mean just randomly filming “everything” πŸ™‚ But yes, to be focused is a must. I understand what you mean about beingable to piece it together.It can’t just be random footage.

I will have to give this all some serious thought and yes, watch more – watch everything I can that is in a similar vein.

The main thing I have found so disappointing in what I have seen so far – and bearing in mind the most recent has been of the more amatuer documentary, is the lack of…..well, “enthusiasm” in a lot of these films.More like a home movie type thing ( though they have been sold on DVD and the footage itself IS quite good!) The narration especially has been what has made it dead dull BORING!

I kind of figure that it needs to be made more appealing.

I want to “sell” my PASSION for the outback to others. Just froman entirely personal perspective ( and forgetabout making this a way to make money because that is not really my true intention, but if it happens, GREAT πŸ™‚ ) I want people to WANT to see what is so amazing about this part of the country.

The first time my husband announced we were going to “the outback” I thought…..”What? The DESERT! How bloody BORING!”

To my amazement it was FULL of colour….FULL of some of the most fascinating geography that changes from hour to hour in some cases. From red undulating sand dunes to desert oasis’s with PALM tree’s…to gibber deserts….to absolute nothingness! Nobody told me that there would be places where suddenly when one feels the need to pee there ARE no tree’s….not even BUSHES for one to pee BEHIND!I wasn’t prepared for THAT (especially when traveling with a 4 wheel drive GROUP!) You just gotta hang on until the geography changes sometimes! πŸ˜‰ (Or carry a portable bush, lol!)

Nobody told me of the sensation of the earth out there…..the very ground beneath your feet, seeming to vibrate with some ancient energy. Almost as though all who have lived and died out there have somehow left their essence behind in that ground! The eerie sensation of being “watched” at times (reported by more than a few)….and the sensory deprivation……leaving all the lights, the billboards, the traffic and noise behind, and suddenly the sky seems startlingly BLUE…and your eyes pick out every tiny bit of colour that there is and it all seems so much more vivid!

It is such a harsh unforgiving place, yet filled with such extraodinary beauty……and it pulls you back there again and again.

Hmm…in fact…now that you have got me going it is giving me more food for thought.

It’s all THESE things I have just writtenabout that I want to portray in this documentary. Not just the ordinary day to day..”on the road again and this is what you can expect to see” things.I want to somehow capture my own passion for the outback.It’s all THERE waiting to be captured….I just have to find the way to do it.


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