thanks alot for all your h


thanks alot for all your help on this. ive been doing freelance filming and editing for a while now, pretty confident in the use of fcp and after effects when i think the project calls for it(i own both) and ive got borrowing access at times to higher end cameras and lav mics, and a shotguns my next purchase. but i really need my own camera and i can’t bring myself to buy another tiny consumer camera. my apartment was broken into and my last camera was stolen, along with my film buddys brand new vx2100, which he had only owned for a grand total of about 2 hours before our stuff got jacked. but i moved into a respectable neighborhood and have the opportunities for a few jobs this summer and i need a good solid camera.
its such a shame that people are allowed to pull the stuff they are pulling on the internet with these online vendors, i just called who advertised the gl2 for 1300, and asked if i could come to the store itself and take a look at what exactly i was buying from them and they got real aggrivated, transfered me a few times and eventually hung up.
if your saying bandh is my best bet, im willing to bet you are right on the money and i guess im going to have to wait longer. i just dont want to waste this summer which could be filled with video possibilities haha.

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