Thanks again guys! @compos


Thanks again guys! @composite1: I actually contacted a videographer friend of mine that has years of experience and asked for a collab so hopefully he’ll get back at me. That way, the work will be much better.

@WSanford: Thanks for the link! I actually go to video copilot a lot when it comes to motion graphics. The splash on the camera will definitely add to the effect and I also think that it is doable. Now, I was thinking of another effect where there will be some sort of (green) smoke because the client said that I need to emphasize the “Splashing” of the pee & the (invisible) “mist cloud” or smoke that the urine produces. If I can figure how to put that into my scene I will be good to go! πŸ™‚

@Don: We are still in the process of finding a location and I think if we do find one, it will already have some sort of ambient lighting. Now, I think I might use that ambient lighting to my advantage and focus on lighting my subject(s). The idea in mind is that there will be 2 guys standing next to each other (peeing) in the bathroom and the you can see that one guy’s pee is splashing and hitting the other guy’s clothes/pants. There is also an idea that I want where I will do a slow motion close up (twixtor on after effects) of the pee as it hits the urinal and the guy’s foot/shoe. We still need to pick an idea and make it solid. I want it to be funny/disgusting and put a clever tag line in the end. πŸ˜‰

Oh by the way, the client is trying to sell a urinal cover that eliminates odor and splash. Just to give you guys an idea. πŸ™‚

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