Thanks again for all the


Thanks again for all the reply guys! It’s my first time experience on a forum and i really feel like I’ve found a family online. So thankful for taking the time and all the honest opinions. I Love you guys. I was checking out your websites, i love the work you guys do.! You guys have a lot of experience.

By the way, Here’s a video sample of what i do on videos provided by real estate companies. But i have just 3 clients. I’m planing on starting a niche website that focuses on getting similar work, I could just read all of the replies and could work on that. But beside that, anything else i should keep in mind about starting out and how to go about finding clients online. I’d really appreciate more advice because i’d be coming here every now and then to read the all of your comments. They have a lot of info in them i could use like forever

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