Thanks again for all of the


Thanks again for all of the great advice. I will have a lot of learning and tinkering with lighting once I get my camera. It does seem like the M40 is on the way out. Canon no longer has it on their website. So, I started looking around some more myself. I'm kind of leaning towards the M500 now. They seem to be going for around $500. It's a little over what I was wanting to start out with, but I can swing the extra $100. I am going to try and talk to my realtor friend this Friday to discuss the business in further detail. Once I get a good promising feeling that she is on board, I will order the camera.


I am planning on building a dolly for give a more of a walk through experience. A lot of the businesses I have looked at are doing video tours, but they aren't much more than slightly animated still shots. To me, that is kind of pointless of doing them with video. As a recent home buyer, with a tight schedule, I was wanting a walkthrough of the house, without having to setup a tour to see it. So, my thought is, build a dolly that stands between chest to eye level and roll it through the house. I've seen some businesses doing video tours, but they are just slightly animated stills. They stand in one spot, spin around a little then transition to another room and repeat the process. To me, that doesn't give you the layout and feel of the house.


Does anyone know of a good place to educate myself on the lighting subject? I’ll search this site to see what I can find as well. I’ve never used any kind of lighting before, so I need to figure out where to start and how to make it look somewhat natural.


Thanks again for all of the help and information.

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