Thankfully Vegas 8 can do


Thankfully Vegas 8 can do MTS natively. I was asking about the final output. I don’t like encoding and authoring dvds and I’m allergic to wmv. I’ve been using xvid avi with virtualdub for a while now. What’s the best way to do a multipass encoding automatically from Vegas?

Buying that stupid JVC Everio GZ-HM300BU 035A was my first mistake. Interlaced and no option for lower resolution. It would be great to have an HD camera with a mic jack that I could use to make the next Baraka as well as boring SD work like this. I would have used my Olympus E-PL1 in SD mode, but the file size limit makes it stop at about 15mins and they’re too stupid to program it to automatically start a new file. (Or am I missing something?)

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