Thank you. You have been


Thank you. You have been most helpful πŸ™‚

The band are friends of mine and I want to do it because it’s a great oppotunity for me. They are already paying for me to get to where we are filming as well as paying me so I don’t want to ask for too much extra.

Now you have explained how the battery option works, I think I will probably go for that as I i now know it is possible when I didn’t even know that before.

I don’t actually own a car anymore as I had to sell it for food money (hence why I really can’t afford to buy new camcorder batteries) so I would be buying a battery, which I know I can get for cheap. Plus if I want to resell the inverter I found (see link in my above reply) someone is more likely to want to buy that used compared with an already used camcorder battery.

So I think I will buy the inverter and a battery and then either get the band to pay that much smaller expense fully or part of it and I will resell it afterwards.

Thank you again.

Dru πŸ™‚

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