Thank you very much for your


Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, it really helps! I was actually going for a slightly over the top, cheesy, 80's action flick parody. Agreed on the close ups and the lighting. Used some shop lights that cast a yellow glow over the whole scene. I really would like to use a dolly, however my budget was kind of low. (As in nothing…) I didn't have that much control over the building we used for a set, it is in use as a storage facility and I didn't want to mess with the stuff that was there. Good idea on the dust in the air, might have to try that next time. To tell you the truth, I have a hard time finding "actors" let alone a composer. Although I would LOVE to have a custom score for one of my shorts. (I may have to search around for a volunteer writer next time.) I appreciate that you took the time to watch and your comments really are a big help!

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