Thank you very much for th


Thank you very much for the input Jim. I am not offended at all. In fact I wanted this type of feedback. I have been shooting this type of video for several years so I am glad I am almost there with it.

I understand whole heartedly the jerky motion and zoom. Most of the video is shot free hand but some with a mono pod which is not good at all. I am concerned with purchasing a good tripod and head and then still not getting the smoothest shots. I wish I could try before I buy. I wish I could find a local owner that would let me try it before a buy. $500 would be too steep as I do not sell this video it is voluteer work and I race in the series too so I shoot the video when I get eliminated from competition.

The quick zoom back to get the times on the board (you were right) is important for this type of video as viewers always want to see what the car ran. Unfortunately if I follow the cars and come back I will lose the times on the boards as they are only up there for a second or two.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to provide the feedback.

I welcome any other feedback.

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