Thank you so much @paulears..


Thank you so much @paulears…yes the surrounding work area is all blacked out which is fine, because the interest is in the arc/electrode/base metal junction itself (we have a second camera capturing the “bird’s eye” view. But still the image left is blurry and more like just a small ball of light. I wish I could upload screenshots of what I have and what I need along with my post, I tried but I can’t. I was however able to upload the images on another forum:

If you could take a look, it might give you a clearer picture.

@Gig Filmer, yes, the Sony Handicam I have presently doesn’t look like it can do the job at all. It doesn’t allow one to manually control both the focus AND the exposure. For some reason, once it’s on manual exposure, it’s locked in autofocus. And from suggestions, it seems we’ll need to adjust both manually(?).
Video camera marketers suggested I try Panasonic HC-VX870K camcorder, Canon VIXIA HF G40 camcorder or Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR camera. Can anyone tell how fit-for-the-job these are, based on the specifications? (Note that audio is not a priority) Like I said, I’m pretty much a novice and I fear that these marketers could just suggest anything…they want to make sales anyway!

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