Thank you so much, Mr. Riz


Thank you so much, Mr. Rizzutti! Horse sense was leaning me towards outfitting my Canon, and I guess I was justlooking for some validation on that. I really appreciate your answer, as I was nervous to post a question that I feltwasn’trelevantin a forum communityfull ofprofessionals, discussing gear that cost thousands.

I’d be less pickyif shootingonly for personal use, however, I do a good deal of work for the public & local community. I donate all my video services and absorb production costs. Although I have never sold a DVD or profited in any way, sales of my productions have earnedthousands of dollars for fundraising events and charity (i.e. Cancer research). It is a greathonor to be a part of worthy causes, butalso hard work, long hours, and expense. I also have donea great bitof archive taping for the Arts(current project 15+ hours footage), as well as Church programs, school musicals, awards ceremonies ,and so forth.

So, to continue providingfree video, I have to be’cheap’, but absolutely can’t compromise quality.Less-than-great DVD’swon’t sell and are useless forfundraising, and Archive stuff has to be perfect. I amreally glad that I discovered this reallyneat website, with it’s resources and helpful, friendly professionals. I’m always striving to learn how toraise the bar on my production quality; since, forme, it’s all about making people happy & providing community service. Thank you so much for addressing my post. I am truly grateful for your advice. Sincerely, M.B.

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