thank you Rob. I’m working


thank you Rob. I’m working in a marketing company that wants to bring some of the video editing in-house. Not something too complicated. I want to be able to edit video supplied from outside sources. Sometimes they come in .mov, wmv, P2 (a panasonic file), etc. The ability to strip audio, add my own, overlay tracks, add some special effects, type manipulation (that might have to be outside this program) and to grow with experience on that software. Final use would be mainly (for now) the web. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, microsite, website or other use like DVD replication for TV or computer monitor.

Currently we’ve had to work with a videographer that supplies a P2 format (native to a panasonic camera.) But, I know that we’ll also get mov and mp4.

I’ve done some tutorials on Adobe Premiere ( stuff.)

Is After Effects a big deal for some effects – does it work best with AP?

I understand the pro suite of premiere will take FCP native files now too.


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