Thank you John for your re


Thank you John for your reply, I understand why vm dose what it dose and I do not find fault in that. Personaly I lean towards the professional end rather then the mom and pop home movie, you tube end. Student film maker is new and only been around a year or so and leans toward more "blockbuster" movie articals with cinamatographers like David Mullin ec.. i’ll still pick up a copy of vm from time to time and who knows I could be back. If I might be able to suggest picking up a copy of SFM magazine ( back issues are $3) just to get some ideas for VM articals. Again I wish Vm all the best you really do a wonderfull service for the video community at large.
Best regards

edit: I just read an article on lighting by T Atkins ASC, where he talks about 3 point lighting for diffrent film stocks, HD, he give examples from the diffrent movies and challanges he came across shooting movies like Scary Movie 4, Balls of Fury ec. I think articles like this are needed to show how to compansate. If they do another article on 3 point lighting I’m sure it will be another cinamatographer or DP that had diffrent challenges and how they overcame them.

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