Thank you. In my practice


Thank you. In my practice I captured the material and then divided into smaller scenes, next using them for bin composition in the Premiere. My impression is that the more I import the same scene the worse is the quality. Maybe in the Premier there is some compression which every time compresses the file and thus reducing the quality. It is correct? How to preserve quality when you use multiple times the same scene? Thank you again

mmontgomery Wrote:

It should work in theory without a hitch. The only real significant reason for not using your camcorder for capture is that it adds additional wear and tear to the video heads. But, for most of us that’s a fair trade-off as decks are pretty expensive.

I’d consider running a head cleaning tape in the camcorder. Follow the directions on the heading cleaning tape to make sure you don’t damage the camcorder itself. If that doesn’t fix your errors, it might be the tape itself. You could have a bad tape. In my years of shooting digital video, I’ve had this happen twice, so it doesn’t happen often, but it’s a possibility. I’d also recommend never using the same tape over and over again. This will help keep your heads clean in addition to keeping the tapes healthy. If errors still persist you should contact the manufacturer immediately. There could be a head alignment problem.

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