Thank you, I appreciate th


Thank you, I appreciate the responses.

I’ve been researching cameras very carefully.

I don’t have the big bucks $2,000+ to spend on a camera.

There do appear to be a few shoulder mountHD camcorders under$2,000.

A shoulder mount may be the best way to go, if the necessary tools for web production are present.

I’m not too sure about media, buthard disk does appeal to me.

High def is a priority, because that is thebest alternative for now and especially future.

So far, I have looked at the followingcamcorders.

Sony HDR-SR11 or SR-12

Sony HVR-HD1000U


Canon Vixia HV30

I am familiar with website construction. I have used pre-made video on some sites.

I have not produced the video myself.

Several things I’m very much in the dark about.

I understand when transferring data to computer the firewire is faster than USB.

Then I’ve read where people are very happy with USB.


The process ofmaking the video for website production is still unclear to me

1.Moving the video from camerato the computer – is there a best efficient way or better connection type to use, or connections to absolutely not use.

2. Editing the video from the computer – this is complicated to me, because some formats AVCHD, etc. seem to have their own problems and remedies.

3. Alongwith editing of video it would appear archivingof video data would have it’s own problems and solutions.

4.After editing there is the thing about the better format for the web to accomodate High def play.Then I’m wondering how importantthe format the video iscapturedtoediting andthen putting into final format that isweb friendly.

There do appear to be quite a few camcordersusing the AVCHD format, but I know that isn’t web friendly and needs conversion.I could use a suggestion own whether to look for another preferredrecord format instead of the AVCHD or what softwareto use toconvert to web friendly format.

At this point I’m really looking seriously to just get the camerawithmostcompetent featuresto do what I need at a price affordable.

Oh, I’m also very interested in efficiency and time saving. Some choices might work, but be too time consuming and difficult to apply.

I forgot to mention I would like to convert some previous video files that are on VHS tapes, DVDS. I might be able to accomplish these if I can capture videodirectly from HDTV, since I have players for those formats to TV. I realizethere arespecific port connections I need on a camera todo this, but I’m not familiar with what I might actuallyneed.

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