thank you for your reply.


thank you for your reply.

i didn’t really give to much thought into a device such as a steadicam until you mentioned it. the only thing is that they are expensive and most of the DIY stuff doesn’t look to impressive, at least the stuff i saw, but maybe i shouldn’t be so picky considering that route will cost me all of $40. i am all for building something my self and saving some cash, so if any one knows of a good DIY article for one of these rigs please let me know.

Back on the topic of cameras. is one specific camera any better for this type of shooting than another? i have seen some xl-1 cameras for around the same if not less than a new vx2100, would that be a better camcorder for what i am trying to do?

some people may say just keep shooting with the stuff i can get from school, but there are some drawbacks to using my schools equiptment. first off, it is a hassle reserving and taking out cameras from school. also anyone at my school can get their hands on that stuff, and the people who work in the cage dont always check the equiptment when it is returned. this resaults in checking out broken tripods, or ones mising the release plate. once i even got a camera with a scratched lense. considerig that i, just like ayone else, want to shoot quality video, broken or damaged equiptment doesnt help that much.

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