Thank you for your reply!


Thank you for your reply! (I’ve been reading around, and it seems that you, compusolver, are one of the most knowledgeable people on this forum, so thank you for taking the time!)

A few more things to add: I plan to use this for Indie films… being things I write at school; not very ‘complex’ (as in, 1 camera is enough to film these), possibly do film work around my home town, and also I’ll be lending it to my dad so he can film my two two-year-old nephews at times like Christmas and such (If I don’t to it myself!).

I know waiting is the best option, as soon so many cameras will be direct harddrive ones, which may drop the price of these cameras, but I just can’t see waiting past the end of the summer. My best time to do film work is at school, so I’d really like to try and get a camera by the end of August or Early September at the latest.

I feel my dorm room is secure enough. Both myself, and my roommate, who I fully trust (we are second year students), make sure the room is locked when we leave, and take extra measures to watch it if we are around (Our room is 1 door down from the lounge, making it a bit easier to watch the room). Another thing: The dorms are locked to anyone not living in them (I know people can get in, but it’s hard), and I have had experience with Campus Safety (I was not the troublemaker!) and they are very good about things like this.
But that being said, I’ll look into possibly getting insurance (I have a laptop and a desktop computer that could use insurance to probably, as I got them last year!) or maybe these items can be added to my parents insurance and reduce the insurance I would have to pay (chip in on theirs kind of thing).

My father has a fairly old Hi-8 camera which doesn’t really have any manual settings, and I would use this if it weren’t for the 3 minute battery (30 seconds if you zoom), and that it only takes NiCd batteries (not worth buying at 200 a pop). This could be a great starting camera for the price (free basically!), if it weren’t for the battery problem, and I can not, obviously, have it plugged into the wall outside (not sure if it even can do that).

Part of why my father is supportive of this endeavour I want to take is that he very much likes the idea of having a quality camera to film my nephews, so maybe I can ask him to chip in 400 or so to get a camera and pay him back over the year?

But I am still open to other camera ideas, if they are cheaper. I know the cameras I listed are on the very high end of the consumer market, basically prosumer, and that I probably don’t need something quite that good quality to start, but I just have trouble finding cameras with the manual settings I want in my price range!

One last thing… I found this site that has a great price, but the problem that makes me very weary is that they are not even listed on resellerrattings (as I always check there before even thinking about buying from an online site). I’m about 95% sure they are a scam just by the price they list, but they do say it comes with everything it’s supposed to. Does anyone know if they are truely a scam? My guess is that it may be the full camera package (or they could lie on their site), but it’s gray market so no waranty (the waranty they list is probably through them and doesn’t really cover anything?). But I just can’t find any good/bad things about them on google or resellerratings (since nothing found that’s good, probably means bad!).

Thank you again, and even if there are cameras lacking in some features, if they are in my price range, can you list them anyway so I can atleast look into them and consider them?

Thank you so much again!

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