Thank you for your replies


Thank you for your replies. Does the 720p30 recording format produce an video image similiar to reality and news TV programs? More often than not, that will be whatI want most of my videos to look like. I may do some film-like videos, but not very often.

I am strongly considering one of the SD camera such as the DVX100B or the XL1. For HD, I’m sort of considering the JVC HD100U or the JVC HM100. I read somewhere that the JVC-HD100U was used to make a movie that used a lot of green screen work. I believe I also read somewhere else that the HD100U was good for 24p film-like video, but not for reality or studio type video. But since the HD100U and the HM100 has a wider variety of recording formats than a little of thelower to mid-range camcorders, I’m not sure if that is accurate.

Would you recommend green screen projects with a SD camcorder (like DVX100B or XL1)?

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