Thank you for your quick r


Thank you for your quick response. I have ordered your DVD and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!

Yes, I am doing it for "free" with one exception. They are allowing me to use any and all footage or edited product as my sample. This particular couple do not have the money to hire a videographer. The photographer they hired is a relative of mine and they were excited that I was willing to do it for "free" They are fully aware that I am "new" They even brought up the fact that they have some friends that used a "new" videographer that had problems with his equipment. They asked me if I was willing to incorporate still photos from the photographer in case I wasn’t able to get good footage.

I am doing as much research as I can because I realize that this is their Wedding. I am taking this very serious. I want their finished product something they will be proud of and something they will want to show everyone! I need referrals after all!

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