Thank you for welcoming me


Thank you for welcoming me. I wasn’t specify I want to start to do event videography, record for certain events such as school plays, award ceremony, and graduation. I tried this once about a year ago for a neighbor. Her daughter was in a school play and she wanted me to record the event for her. I though this would be simple, I was wrong. When I got there I set-up my camcorder on the tripod, turned the camcorder on and couldn’t see much. The lights were really dim. I was far from the stage, other acts were going on that wasn’t on stage that I wanted to capture. I capture and edit enough to make a small video. My neighbor and her daughter like the piece. I personality didn’t like it. I use the Panasonic SDR-S7 sd camcorder, the quailty of the video wasn’t sharp and the audio wasn’t great. I know there are a lot of DV camcorders out there. For a person starting out what feature should I look for?

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